Program Guidelines

How It Works:

Find a natural item that interests you or about which you would like to know more.
Learn all you can about your item.
Bring your item to Texas Nature Traders at the Fort Worth Zoo and share what you know about your item with our staff.
Earn points for your item and for your knowledge about the item.
Trade your points for something in our collection or save them for later.

You Can Earn Points For:

Knowledge – Share interesting facts about your item.
Quality – Your item must be clean and in good condition.
Effort – Research and learn as much as you can about your item.

Texas Nature Traders Guidelines

• Children must be at least 3 years old to become a Texas Nature Trader.
• Children may trade up to two items in one visit. One “item” can be a collection of
five or more like items (such as five pine cones, five sticks, etc.).
• Siblings or friends cannot split points – each trade in and out must be done by
one individual.

What We Want:

• Clean shells
• Clean bones (except bird bones)
• Antlers, teeth and claws
• Snake sheds (found in nature)
• Rocks and minerals
• Fossils
• Beach-combed (non-harvested) coral
• Pinecones, nuts, seeds and seed pods
• Plant materials (leaves, stalks, etc.)
• Deceased insects (spiders, butterflies, etc.)
• Nature journals (printed photos, art, stories)
• Dry sand
• Casts of animal footprints
• Petrified wood

What We Can’t Trade:

• Items from state and national parks
• Arrowheads or Native American artifacts
• Intentionally killed vertebrates
• Dried seahorses
• Mounted vertebrates
• Purchased items
• Items found on Zoo grounds
• Bird materials of any kind (feathers, eggs, nests, etc.)
• Living plants and animals
• Cave materials
• Freshwater mussel shells
• Materials from the family pet (domestic snake shed, etc.)
• Roadkill or similarly “gross” items (No dead animals. Insects are OK.)